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1. Lacrosse Helmet - No hockey helmets. (see description below)
2. Lacrosse Shoulder Pads
3. Lacrosse Arm/ElbowPads
4. Lacrosse Gloves
5. Lacrosse Rib Pads (recommended for 6th grade and up - attackmen)
6. Protective Cup
7. Mouthguard
8. Rubber-tipped Cleats
9. White Socks
10. DS Youth Lacrosse-issued game jersey & shorts as well as reversible practice jerseys
11. Lacrosse stick (see description below)

HELMETS: black with royal blue trim

DSYL has decided to have a standard club color helmet that we will ask parents/players to purchase when they purchase new helmets. Going forward, when anyone needs a new helmet, we would ask that they purchase a helmet with the new DSYL standard . The helmets will have the same black with royal blue trim that the high school uses allowing players to use helmets purchased during their middle school years in high school as well.

We realize that many have purchased white, blue or black helmets recently and want to make clear that that it is perfectly fine to continue to use white, black or blue helmets which are DSYL colors. We would simply ask that as players outgrow their helmets that they purchase a helmet with the new black and royal blue trim DSYL color standard. White, Black or Blue hand-me-down helmets from older siblings are fine as well.


1. Attack & Middie Sticks must be from 40"-42" long
2. Defenseman (& Goalie) sticks can be 40"-60" long (long defense poles for 7/8th grade only)

Chest Pads & SEI Certification Mark   

  • ALL PLAYERS: January 2022, all shoulder pads must meet the NOCSAE ND200 standard for commotio cordis and must contain an SEI certification mark

GOALIES: January 2021, all goalie chest pads must meet the NOCSAE ND200 standard for commotio cordis and must contain an SEI certification mark.

  • What is Commotio Cordis?  ESPN Video  

  • NOCSAE Chest Protector Standard for Commotio Cordis (PDF)

  • USA Lacrosse: Commotio Cordis & Cardiac Safety (Web)



If it is expected to be cold and/or rain, then please layer your child with outer and under layer clothing. The clothing should be royal blue, white or black in color. We suggest clothing such as:

1. Polypropylene full-sleeve jersey (worn under the equipment). UnderArmour, Warrior, Brine, STX & most other major sports clothing brands offer moisture-wicking & frictionless under apparel.
2. A thin water resistant breathable top
3. Polypropylene long under shorts. UnderArmour, Shock-Doctor & other moisture-wicking & frictionless under apparel brands.
4. Water resistent warm up pants