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2015 DSYL Evaluations for Grades 5-8


Where:  TBD

When:  TBD

*** Due to the nature of the snow fall this winter, we are in the process of determining where and when evaluations will be held.  Your grade level coach will be in touch with details as they are determined.  We appreciate your interest, and will be in touch shortly. ***

The DSYL evaluations for grades 5-8 are designed to be an impartial input into the formation of grade level teams into A and B groupings. 

In no way is the evaluation the single deciding factor into how the boys are placed.  It is intended to give an outside perspective to the coaches for consideration of the rosters.  The impartial evaluators include coaches outside of these grades, as well as former Division 1 college players who are still playing lacrosse and active in coaching youth lacrosse programs in surrounding towns.  It is important to note that coaches may move players from team to team during the season.

Over the course of the evaluation session, the boys will be run through a series of drills to assess basic skills (left/right proficiency in passing and catching, fluid cradling, ground balls, footwork).  They will also be evaluated in live scrimmage situations that will be fast-paced and designed to get all of the boys plenty of touches.  The same skills will be assessed with the added dimensions of field awareness, moving without the ball and teamwork.

A critical characteristic overlaying all of these skills is hustle and attitude.  Regardless of the outcome of any given play, pass, catch, or ground ball we expect the boys to treat the evaluation as if is the sole placement factor or an actual game situation.


Should you have any questions prior to the evaluation,
please contact Coach Dan Pastore at